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thank you for all your positive messages :3 i’m healthy and happy

ivikiwiandstuff replied to your post: me:*finally feels good about weight an…

you don’t have to be ‘thin’ to feel good about yourself, everything is fine if you truly think so :)

I personally don’t have issues with the word ‘fat’ but they say it like it’s a bad thing and I really hate the condescending tone….

me: *finally feels good about weight and body*
brother: ha you're fat!!
mother: he cant'help but tell the truth...
father: ....you're not thin
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me 3 years ago: an unappealing awkward person
me now: an unappealing awkward person with a blog


"It’s a promise!" - anime character thats about to fucking die

Sexuality: Well animated anime fight scenes with good background music


this week on anime: everything hurts and everything is ending

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